Monday, September 7, 2009


So i started school! Everything is going great. I have made loads of new friends as well as kept old ones (kinda). Surprisingly the work is really easy! Like learning the colours in Irish which i did in like 2nd class! The stress of lockers though is awful! So many people in the corridors as well.
Mum hurt her leg really badly (and she says i always hurt myself)! She cant walk so she decided to hire me as her servant and guess what i get paid?...yup you got it absolutely nothing! What a job! She also wants me to get face book so i can be her neighbour on farm ville. I keep having to remind her I'm still young and have a life :P!
No one really reads my blog anymore but ah well thank you the people that do! I still like writing them :)

Moll Xox

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


So you see i am blogging more now! Not as much as some people (grandma) that are addicted! All they ever do is sit there blog and leave there plurk on so it beeps and gives them these crazy point things because they want more smiley face things! Why bother?
I am about to go off to hockey,im doing a camp. Four hours of running around a hockey can get tiring did you know? My friend is picking me up in...A CAR! Bet you couldnt of guessed that!
Mum is adicted to her facebook (Even more adicted to her voldka though) and is on it now playing on her farm! And she is trying to get me and ben to have facebook so we can be her neighbours and help her get stuff. I just told her we are stil young and she has to wait til were atleast over 30,so when we get old pretty much!
We have all my new school books right beside me so every time i look over at the my heart sinks and i make a sad face :(! Not good! Mum said yesterday at around 11 o'clock oh sugar i still have to cover your books i was going to do that tonight! Well she would of had to hurry up because she only had a hour left but itnstead she put herself before her wonderful daughter and went to bed! She is geting old and needs more sleep!

So i shall be off to go and get sweaty!

Moll Xox

Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm blogging a bit more than once a year!

Well i last posted a while back...a long while! Mum still hasnt slimed down and is nit getting any younger (although she likes to think she is)! Ben still only eats chips (and a lot of them) and some junk food! Dillon doesnt struggle with pizza anymore! He has gotten older (and bigger)! Where as i am still the same perfect and amazing person i was a few months back :)!

Just got back from a interesting, fun, tiring, amusing, short, and sweaty holiday in England! Auntie Sam came over from some faraway land called America which was nice! We didnt have any lazy days (which are my faverouite days of the week)! It was all no lie in get up were doing another crazy thing that no one else would ever think of doing...which i suppose you get kinda used to in our house! We went llama treking which was great fun. We also had Geoffry the Donkey and his carridge with us which you could sit in if you got feed up of your llama or if you were just tired! And we went back to the guys farm and saw camels, giant bunnys, gophers and other crazy things!

We also went to center parcs which was even more get up and go! Ben, Sam, Mum and I all went bowling the night we got down there (I would just like to point out I WON) and the next morning we went swimming and Mum, Ben and I went to play lazer combat (never ever let a old woman like mum play it) which was very very fun! At the same time Grandma, Grandpa and Auntie Sam were off play the old boring game of crazy golf which i would lke to point out is for lazy people Ben, Mum and I were carrying heavy guns around a foresrt!
The next day we went swimming again and Mum, Sam and I went tree treking where Mum nearly wet herself, and it wasnt from being scared about how high up we were it was because Auntie Sam was trying to walk across a rope by jst holding on to another wobbly rope and she looked very very very funny so Mum was laughing her bottom off! Very amusing. But then like always Mum looked even funnier and didnt know how to start walking across it! We akso went quad biking which was 'to slow' for Sam (she was just trying to be cool by saying that)! I got horribly stuck in mud and coulnt get out for years and then i crashed into a tree. And i know you are all thinking oh Mollie the poor girl is she I'm not i need you all to bring me breakfast in bed for the next week or to! Thanks a mill!
We also went on this water rapid thing that was in the pool about 5000000 times which bruised everyones butts!

Then we went home and went to Alton Towers!

My fingers are getting very sore from all this typing so im going to leave it at that!

Moll xox

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ehh...a while its been!

Well about the thing i said last time...that i will blog more,yeah it didnt really happen,did it?
So its my birthday today.I got nice pressies,a new rucksack for scouts,a BLUE hair straightener,pink shoe,money and a necklace!
I went out with my cousin and auntie to the cinema in the morning to see the new Hannah Montanna movie. And after i went out again with some friends!
I just got back from dinner. I was the 1st to finish my 12" pizza...mum didn't finish hers(I'm guna guess she realised she needs to 'slim down') Dillon manged to finish his after a bit of a struggle(I dunno why he struggled, it looks like he could fit a car in his belly though)! Ben just had 2 bowls of chips(How like him).
Earlier mum was trying to be cool while parading around in my illuminous pink heels,i had to remind her she is from the stone age or as she likes to sat the '60s'!!
I thought the saying was 'The older you get,the wiser you get' obviously doesn't occur to her,because parading around in heels at that age, she could hurt that hip of hers!

I'm nt guna be 2 surprised if no one reads this...but ah well!
Your reading it,so thanks for that!

Mollie X♥

Monday, May 5, 2008


I have not posted in a loooooooong time!!!
I bet like no one goes on my blog anymore now!!!

It is my birthday in 12 days(17 th may is my birthday)!!! I cant wait!! I hope to be getting a camera of my mum and dad!!!I am also getting a pet rat with all the money i get!!I am minding my friends rat at the moment!! It is sooooo cute!!! I love it to bits!1 Everyone does!! Even Dillon and Dad!! They didnt think it would be that cute and it was disgusting at the start but now they love it!! I love taking it out of the cage to play with!! It goes down your t-shirt and crawls all over you and the sofa!!! I hope i get enough money for a rat and a cage!! The rats are about 20 euro but the cages are 70-100 euro so i need to get alot of money and start saving!!!

I am going to try and blog more now that i remembered about it!! So you should see a bit more of me from now on!!

Monday, August 27, 2007


I can do lots of little pictures!!!!YAY!!!
1 ☺
2 ☻
3 ♥
4 ♦
5 ♣
6 ♠
7 •
8 ◘
9 ○

Junior Mints♥♥

♥♥My mum wrote a post on her blog about Junior Mints and lots of people sent her them!! She will not share them with anyone cause she is a big fat mean old lady!!!
♥♥♥Lol Mollie♥♥♥

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I love tennis!! I played in an open and lost!! I played so badly!! I played in our club championship's and I won in the first round!!YAY!!! I have to play tomorrow against someone called Rachel. I think I can bet her and if I win I have to play a girl who is so good!! I am playing in the girls doubles with someone called Sarah and she is good!! We are seeded two!! I am playing in the mixed doubles with a boy called Aaron he is good as well!!! I hope I do well!!!!!
♥♥Lol Mollie♥♥

Friday, August 10, 2007


Yesterday I went to legoland with my mum, grandma,Ben, Dillon and Rory!! We left at about quarter past 8!! I was really tired and had a little sleep in the car!! Ben and I were in the back. Dillon and Rory were in the middle. Mum and Grandma were in the front, it took 2 hours to get there!!

The first thing I went on was a water slide. You sat on a little boat thing and you go down the water slide!!! I was with grandma!! Mum and Ben went before Grandma and I. Mum was shouting the whole way down she even shouted before they were moving!! Next was Dillon and Rory. Grandma and I were on the slide next to them and they did not shout but I did!! It was really fun!!

I can't remember everything in order but we all went on this Lego racers thing!! It has 4 people in each car. It was Ben, Mum, Grandma and I in one and Dillon with Rory in another with 2 other people!! Dillon and Rory were really scared but they went first!!! It was a big drop down at the start and they did not shout but it took a picture and they looked so scared. Next was us and I screamed so loud down the drop and Ben was so scared he nearly wet himself and said he did not like it!! Later that day Grandma and I went on it again and they had a problem with one of the cars getting stuck so we had to wait a long time!!

We went on a train that goes around in circles and is so fun. We also went on a baby dragon!! It is just a little roller-coastser for little people but it is fun!! Then we went on the BIG dragon and that was more fun!! Dillon and Rory were not scared this time!!

That is all the rides I can remember but I know there were more!!!

Lol Mollie

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I have come to Bristol to see my Grandma and Grandpa. I came with my mum, Ben, Dillon and Dillon's friend Rory!!! Grandma's computer takes ages to load and it is so annoying!!! I am so surprised how many comments I got yesterday!!! Today I think we are going swimming even though we woke up at 4 o'clock in the morning to get our flight at 6:30. Dillon and Rory have gone upstairs to have a sleep!! I had a little sleep (well it was actually quite a big sleep) on the sofa!! Everyone is tired!!! I can't change the colour on this computer and I don't like it cause I would have changed it to a dark coiour!!!!!
Lol Mollie

Monday, August 6, 2007

Fun Monday!!!

My mum told me to do Fun Monday cause I have a really nice apron that I got at my friends party!!!I went to Florence's party and we did cooking I got a blue apron with flowers I would of liked the purple one but there were none left!!!!!I love the apron. I never really use it though!!! I only sometimes bake. Not all the time like my mum!!!!
Lol Moll!e

Sunday, July 29, 2007

I have not posted in a while...

I don't have much time 2 post but I guess I can post now!I have been playing alot of tennis latley. I love tennis!!! I also went camping with the scouts 2 Donegol. We were there 4 9 days and I had alot of fun. We did rock climbing, sailing, canoeing, orienteering and hiking! My favourite was the rocking climbing. I was in doors though. We went to Letterkenny(a town) and we saw Transformers with was a great movie!!! We went shopping and then had Pizza 4 lunch!!! I hope I can post again soon!!!!!

Lol Moll!e

Sunday, May 13, 2007


I don't really feel that well. I am still in my PJs that steffi made me. They are lovely and comfoutbale. I have got a load of clothes from her. I have a headach and a tummyach. I don't really feel like doing anything. I have to lie down and do nothing. It's really boring. I'm doing this now so I'm not that bored. I hate being sick. You can do nothing at all. I have nothing to do when I'm done this post. BOO HOO.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

another one

I got another pet tiger called tie and he eats meat.

I got animals

I just got three animals for my blog. I have a hamster called Hammy a panda called Jo Joand a rabbit called bun. You can feed Hammy a strawberry and you can feed Jo Jo bambo you can also feed bun a carrot. I love them all. Have a try at fedding and playing with them. To play with them click on them. I wanted a cow but there were none. My brother is here reading as I write. His name is Ben and he is six. He is very good at reading. He is faster at reading than me and typing. It is very anyoing. 'Go away Ben'. He left. I have been making a braclet for a present. It is blue. I like it but i can't have it. Boo Hoo

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Lots and Lots of things!!!

I have not posted in a while. I have done alot of things since then. I probably can't remember everything so if i miss out bits I'm sorry.
I love gymnastics and I do it on Wednesdays in school. I was told to jump onto the horse(it is a box).I jumped up and landed fine but then I slipped and my toe bent back. I really hurt it so I could not do the rest of gym.I went home and my mum was not there so I rang her to tell her i was really hurt. When she came back she told me to put on arncia the cream so I tried but I just started crying cause it was so sore so we went to the hospital and just as we parked the car mum got a phone call from home. It was my dad saying Dillon(my brother)is walking back from the dart on his own. My mum said that was not good at 9:30 so she tried to ring the person that bought Dillon and they would not answer. We went to the dart station Dillon was getting of at. we waited and then mum to ring again and they answered and they said he and the other people walked him down to the dart station he was getting on at and then we saw Dillon of the dart so we called to him and we went to drop him home and we went back to hospital. It was empty. I got crutches and they said it was not to bad and i should be walking in 1 week. 1 week later I still could not walk so we went back to hospital. They said I have a crushed growth plate. I don't know what that is.

I went to see Mami Mai. It was very good. I went with my mum, granny, auntie sally, auntie Kathryn and my friend Annie. First we went to a place to have dinner. It was called Ely. I had a Burger and chips and for pudding I had ice-cream. We went on to see Mami Mai. We parked and then we walked across a bridge and we were there. It was very windy and I nearly got blown over. At the end there was lots of singing and dancing. My favorite song was Super Trouper.
I am going to start to post more if I have the time.I'm a very busy person. well BYE for now!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I made a tasty cake with no help (that's a lie. Dad put it in the oven). I had a big piece. I have to save some for tomorrow cause grandma is coming over. I can't wait. I was a town and i got a necklace in the natural history museum. It was a very nice place to visit. I got a duck thing that you pull down and it springs back up. It was very cheap €1 99. It is so cool.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

hi everone!

I have a sore eye now. I have been to gym and we did hand stands, Round off, front roll and beem. Sara has gone home. I had a smelly dinner. It was spaghetti bolounaise. We are getting our Wii on thursday or friday. I am so happy. And that is all i can say.
It is very short.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

I have not posted in a long time. Dillon is annoying me and he made me delete to whole thing. So i have to start again witch is annoying. I was just at my Granny's house for dinner and she made spicy stuff and I could not eat it. But i still ate the rice. I was playing a hokey match. we won 1-2. I had great fun. I played front. I have just been on club penguin. Ben was just put to bed crying cause grandad was blowing at him.Dillon is still really annoying me.Well that is all I have to say so

Sunday, January 14, 2007


I had a great time at the sleepovaer. Annie loved the presents I got her. I had a great time ice-skating. It was Vanssa's 2nd time.We got 2 movies they were Yours,Mine and Ours and The perfact man. They were both good. I am not feeling well. I have a cold and I feel a bit dizzy. Dad, Dillon and Ben have gone out. Me and mum our her cause mum is sick aswell. They have gone to see granny and go for a walk.I have a very sore shoulder from sleeping on it funny. I have been in bed reading. I hope our computer did not get a virus from me.
I have just looked back at my old blog and read all the coments. I do it a bit now.