Wednesday, January 31, 2007

hi everone!

I have a sore eye now. I have been to gym and we did hand stands, Round off, front roll and beem. Sara has gone home. I had a smelly dinner. It was spaghetti bolounaise. We are getting our Wii on thursday or friday. I am so happy. And that is all i can say.
It is very short.


ChrisB said...

Mollie I bet you can't wait for the wii

Beccy said...

Tell me Mollie, what did your dinner smell of exactly?

ChrisB said...

Mollie I hav ebeen waiting for you to post about the 'wii' and tell us what fun it is. grandma xx

Susan in va said...

Hi Mollie! I just stopped by your Grandma's blog for the first time and she had a link to your blog. So here I am.

Can you believe that I never heard of a "wii" until two weeks ago? I have a niece your age and she just got a Nintendo DS Lite. I'll have to ask her if she knows what a Wii is.

Barbara said...

Hi Mollie from Barbara in New Zealand.

Cuppa said...

Hi Mollie
Just visited your grandmother's blog and thought I would pop by here for a visit too.

Hope you are enjoying sunshine today, I am.

Asha said...

Hi Mollie,your g'ma said you have your own blog , so here I am!!:))

I bet you can't wait for that Wii!!My kids have PS2 and they play video games every second of the day if I LET them!;D

Have fun Mollie.

Sally Lomax said...

How is the Wii???!!!

Nice blog Mollie!


Pamela said...

Smelly? Who cooked?

Some smells are wonderful.
But maybe it was burned?

One day two weeks ago I burned everything I cooked. I'm not sure why that happened.

Everything was smelly that day.

Is Wii wireless internet?

Beccy said...

Pamela, it was definitely not burnt which I am more than capable of doing. It was a meal that wouldn't be one of Mollie's favourites. Apparently I put iccky bits in it. Not sure what iccky bits are but Mollie instists they are there. I only see the pasta, meat and vegetables myself and thought it was delicious.

ChrisB said...

Mollie you have lots of comments see you next week love grandma xxx
PS what did you think of my snowman

ChrisB said...

Mollie, I want to know how you got the sore eye and if it is better now. Love.Embee

little gymnast said...

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