Sunday, December 24, 2006


I am going to England for Christmas. I won't be posting for a while.

Saturday, December 23, 2006


I just came back from a sleepover at Sara's. I had a great time. We watched 2 and a half movies. We watched Cars 13 going on 30 and half of Princess Diaries 2. I have not done a post in a long time. I can't remember everything that happened. Yesterday was my last day in school. We went into town and Dun Laoghaire with mum, Dillon, Ben and 2 of Dillon's friends. I got Leona's single. I have not listened to it yet. When we were getting out of the car in Dundrum I closed the door on my thumb. My mum had to get a first aid man. I it still sore and it is all wrapped up. I can't wait till tomorrow cause I am going to England.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Alot of Fun!

I went to Dun Laoghaire with the Girls Birgade and I got 3 little toy cows. We had a cris cindle and I got a box of Marks and Speners milk choclat eclairs from a girl in my class it was Florence. She got mything it was a light blue necklace that I made. It was very nice. I also got a packet of strings to make scbedoos with from Jean cause I went to a church thing and tere were only 4 peoplle there and I got a door hanger from Jean aswell for a Christmas present. Everyone got one. Yesterday I went to Florence's house and we went bowling. The girls were playing boy's. Her brother had a friend over and they played us and girls won. It was great fun. I have started writing a book called Green Hill. It is about 3 girls who have a magic tree in there garden and there parents ar not aloud to find out.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I did not post cause I was to busy. On Monday I had no tennis and I did Cubs and we had to bing a game in and I brought Junior Pictionary. On tues day I did nothing and today I had school and I did this P.E thing. We had art and we made weird things.m I made 3 with a girl called Florence. She is from Londen. I made 2 at home. I went to play with Sara and I did nothing alse.

If you want to make the weird things read this.

You need...

2 diffrent coulrs of tuisse paper


1staple the 2 coulers together so they look like a L shape.
2 If you had a pink and blue and the blue was on top then you fold the pink over so it is on the oppiste side and then you will fold the blue over.

3 when it has run out staple the ends together

Saturday, December 9, 2006

I can't think of a title!

I have not done a post for a long time and I can't rember all the things I have done. Yesterday I had to play tennis and it was so cold. My hands were num. I got fizzy orange, crisps and a bar. On Thursday my mum was minding Aaron. and thats all I can rember. I went to basketball and I scored 4 times. I went to hokey and I played front with my friend Vanessa.
This is not very long is it?

Sunday, December 3, 2006


I went to the W5 in Belfast yesterday. I had a great time. Ben came as well. He went with the Beavers and I went with the Cubs. It is a bit like @Bristol. It has a lot of rooms with lots of things to play on. Ben bought a little teddy of Patrick from SpongeBob and I got myself 2 Chinese finger traps and a purple bracelet. We went to smyths today and Ben used his voucher. He got a Simpsons PS2 game , some lego, a game and a Bionicle. I had a nice dinner it was cheesy chicken. We got our christmas tree and it has all the decorations on it. It looks so pretty.
I can't change the colour cause something has happened.

Friday, December 1, 2006

Friday is very fun

I had school and we had P.E and we played a really fun game. It is called lines. You have to have a lot of people to play. You get three lines or more of people but you have to have five or more people left and they all go into one big line and two people start one cases the other and if they are about to catch you you can go to a line and say join and then the person that is at the front of the line chases the person that did not join and if you get caught then you go to the back of the long line. And after school I went to tennis and my foot hurt a little bit. I am here and I had a homemade pizza and it was nice. I am here now and Bye.