Monday, August 27, 2007

Junior Mints♥♥

♥♥My mum wrote a post on her blog about Junior Mints and lots of people sent her them!! She will not share them with anyone cause she is a big fat mean old lady!!!
♥♥♥Lol Mollie♥♥♥


Beccy said...

Mollie how can you call youe mother such mean names? And I shared the box we opened yesterday! I may not share anymore with you!

ChrisB said...

Mollie your grandmother is ashamed of you being so mean to your mother- I cannot believe she didn't give you any!! Are you telling porky pies or are you just going for the sympathy vote. If you ask Auntie Sam I'm sure she will bring some with her when she visits me in Sept. love grandma XX

Mischief Monkey said...

I am not telling lies!!!!

Mischief Monkey said...

I am not telling lies!!!!

jill said...

I would be very happy to send you a few boxes of jr. mints ... although I need a mailing address.
Keep your chin up. Your mum can't be that bad.