Friday, August 10, 2007


Yesterday I went to legoland with my mum, grandma,Ben, Dillon and Rory!! We left at about quarter past 8!! I was really tired and had a little sleep in the car!! Ben and I were in the back. Dillon and Rory were in the middle. Mum and Grandma were in the front, it took 2 hours to get there!!

The first thing I went on was a water slide. You sat on a little boat thing and you go down the water slide!!! I was with grandma!! Mum and Ben went before Grandma and I. Mum was shouting the whole way down she even shouted before they were moving!! Next was Dillon and Rory. Grandma and I were on the slide next to them and they did not shout but I did!! It was really fun!!

I can't remember everything in order but we all went on this Lego racers thing!! It has 4 people in each car. It was Ben, Mum, Grandma and I in one and Dillon with Rory in another with 2 other people!! Dillon and Rory were really scared but they went first!!! It was a big drop down at the start and they did not shout but it took a picture and they looked so scared. Next was us and I screamed so loud down the drop and Ben was so scared he nearly wet himself and said he did not like it!! Later that day Grandma and I went on it again and they had a problem with one of the cars getting stuck so we had to wait a long time!!

We went on a train that goes around in circles and is so fun. We also went on a baby dragon!! It is just a little roller-coastser for little people but it is fun!! Then we went on the BIG dragon and that was more fun!! Dillon and Rory were not scared this time!!

That is all the rides I can remember but I know there were more!!!

Lol Mollie


ChrisB said...

Mollie I felt really worried for the people when their car stopped just before it was about to plunge down the big drop. But it was a fun ride. I'm glad you looked after me on the rides yesterday love grandma xx

ChrisB said...

mollie I didn't nearly wet myself you nana poo.


Beccy said...

Can't wait till we go again Mollie!

little gymnast said...

I really want to go to lego land!

Konfetti´s said...

I like to go to Legoland too.The nearest Legoland from here is in Billund/Danmark!

Nathalie ;O)