Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ehh...a while its been!

Well about the thing i said last time...that i will blog more,yeah it didnt really happen,did it?
So its my birthday today.I got nice pressies,a new rucksack for scouts,a BLUE hair straightener,pink shoe,money and a necklace!
I went out with my cousin and auntie to the cinema in the morning to see the new Hannah Montanna movie. And after i went out again with some friends!
I just got back from dinner. I was the 1st to finish my 12" pizza...mum didn't finish hers(I'm guna guess she realised she needs to 'slim down') Dillon manged to finish his after a bit of a struggle(I dunno why he struggled, it looks like he could fit a car in his belly though)! Ben just had 2 bowls of chips(How like him).
Earlier mum was trying to be cool while parading around in my illuminous pink heels,i had to remind her she is from the stone age or as she likes to sat the '60s'!!
I thought the saying was 'The older you get,the wiser you get' obviously doesn't occur to her,because parading around in heels at that age, she could hurt that hip of hers!

I'm nt guna be 2 surprised if no one reads this...but ah well!
Your reading it,so thanks for that!

Mollie X♥


Beccy said...

Hmmmmm Mollie, I'll remind of this post when you limp home injured after wearing those pink shoes!

ChrisB said...

Mollie I thought you had given up blogging and lo and behold you pop up in my reader. Does this mean you do one post each year LOL.

I see your mum has read this!!!

You should write more it was a very amusing post which I enjoyed. Glad you had a good birthday. I would only have managed one or two small pieces of pizza.

I will be on the look out for your next post.

Sam said...


ChrisB said...

Mollie How about posting a picture of you wearing the shoes! Grandma XX