Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm blogging a bit more than once a year!

Well i last posted a while back...a long while! Mum still hasnt slimed down and is nit getting any younger (although she likes to think she is)! Ben still only eats chips (and a lot of them) and some junk food! Dillon doesnt struggle with pizza anymore! He has gotten older (and bigger)! Where as i am still the same perfect and amazing person i was a few months back :)!

Just got back from a interesting, fun, tiring, amusing, short, and sweaty holiday in England! Auntie Sam came over from some faraway land called America which was nice! We didnt have any lazy days (which are my faverouite days of the week)! It was all no lie in get up were doing another crazy thing that no one else would ever think of doing...which i suppose you get kinda used to in our house! We went llama treking which was great fun. We also had Geoffry the Donkey and his carridge with us which you could sit in if you got feed up of your llama or if you were just tired! And we went back to the guys farm and saw camels, giant bunnys, gophers and other crazy things!

We also went to center parcs which was even more get up and go! Ben, Sam, Mum and I all went bowling the night we got down there (I would just like to point out I WON) and the next morning we went swimming and Mum, Ben and I went to play lazer combat (never ever let a old woman like mum play it) which was very very fun! At the same time Grandma, Grandpa and Auntie Sam were off play the old boring game of crazy golf which i would lke to point out is for lazy people Ben, Mum and I were carrying heavy guns around a foresrt!
The next day we went swimming again and Mum, Sam and I went tree treking where Mum nearly wet herself, and it wasnt from being scared about how high up we were it was because Auntie Sam was trying to walk across a rope by jst holding on to another wobbly rope and she looked very very very funny so Mum was laughing her bottom off! Very amusing. But then like always Mum looked even funnier and didnt know how to start walking across it! We akso went quad biking which was 'to slow' for Sam (she was just trying to be cool by saying that)! I got horribly stuck in mud and coulnt get out for years and then i crashed into a tree. And i know you are all thinking oh Mollie the poor girl is she I'm not i need you all to bring me breakfast in bed for the next week or to! Thanks a mill!
We also went on this water rapid thing that was in the pool about 5000000 times which bruised everyones butts!

Then we went home and went to Alton Towers!

My fingers are getting very sore from all this typing so im going to leave it at that!

Moll xox


ChrisB said...

Mollie so glad we are going to get a few more posts from you. You will be able to dish the dirt on your mother hehehe(don't tell her I said that)

I loved this post it had both grandpa and I laughing you are a very amusing writer. I think you are sailing close to the wind saying all those things about your mother, (maybe she won't read it LOL) and not sure what Auntie Sam's reaction will be. Boring old crazy golf takes skill I'll have you know; and remember I WON.

I agree with you it was quite tiring all those early morning starts but it was fun. I really loved having you all to stay. Just wish your dad and Dill could have come as well.

Grandpa enjoyed your post. Love Grandma xx

Beccy said...

I think I deserve breakfast in bed for a month Mollie!!!!!!

Sam said...

Before anyone starts calling Auntie Sam "old and lazy", remember that she was awake and up about and running 3 or 4 miles, before any of the rest of you even flickered your eyelids, every single morning of her stay (except on the day when there was an early start to Alton Towers). Auntie Sam had wanted to do the Laser Combat too and notes that your team would have won even more convincingly if she had joined you, but there were only 3 spots available so she relinquished her place to entertain the real oldies instead. Yes, Supergran did win the second round, it's true, but she couldn't do any better than draw even with Sam on the first round, something she appears to have omitted to mention.
No need for Auntie Sam to *try* and be cool, because she already just is.