Tuesday, August 25, 2009


So you see i am blogging more now! Not as much as some people (grandma) that are addicted! All they ever do is sit there blog and leave there plurk on so it beeps and gives them these crazy point things because they want more smiley face things! Why bother?
I am about to go off to hockey,im doing a camp. Four hours of running around a hockey can get tiring did you know? My friend is picking me up in...A CAR! Bet you couldnt of guessed that!
Mum is adicted to her facebook (Even more adicted to her voldka though) and is on it now playing on her farm! And she is trying to get me and ben to have facebook so we can be her neighbours and help her get stuff. I just told her we are stil young and she has to wait til were atleast over 30,so when we get old pretty much!
We have all my new school books right beside me so every time i look over at the my heart sinks and i make a sad face :(! Not good! Mum said yesterday at around 11 o'clock oh sugar i still have to cover your books i was going to do that tonight! Well she would of had to hurry up because she only had a hour left but itnstead she put herself before her wonderful daughter and went to bed! She is geting old and needs more sleep!

So i shall be off to go and get sweaty!

Moll Xox


ChrisB said...

Mollie, I think your mother is more addicted to FB than I am to plurk. She wants me to join to be one of her neighbours. Auntie Sam also plays.

I can't believe your mother hasn't covered those books yet she was talking about doing it last week!

You did very well in your tennis match did you get a runners up trophy?

Enjoy your hockey and your mother won't appreciate you telling everyone about her Vodka addiction LOL!

Beccy said...

Firstly Mollie one or two drinks a week is hardly an addiction!!!

Secondly if you're so concerned about your books why don't you cover them? I'll leave you at home to do that whilst I go and watch the tennis.

While you're at it you could sew your name labels into your uniform.

By the way I thought you had an hour lunch so it's only three hours running? No problem to a fit young thing like you!